Large woven motifs for Prada’s new bags


Modernity goes hand in hand with romance and finesse. All perfectly blended in a bag that escapes place and time, and frees itself from categories like “for everyday”, or “for special occasions”. The new collection, sporting a large woven motif on top, was just added to Prada’s wide handbag range, but has already been labelled as “iconic”.

What earned it a spot as a fashion timeless icon?

The flawless crafting technique, which takes over five hours to create the calfskin woven motif, and the structure of the bag, where all parts are skilfully balanced. Both revamp Prada’s handbags with a novel, contemporary design. A bold, appreciated refresh of the brand’s classic woven pattern, as well as a clear sign of Miuccia Prada’s experimentations with materials.

Similar to a herringbone pattern, the woven motif is a strong graphic detail that gives volume and attitude to the smooth leather on the bottom, and harmoniously adorns all styles in the collection – the handbag, the shopper, the shoulder bag, the bucket bag, and the clutch, in a palette of black, petal pink, cognac and papaya orange tones.

A Nappa leather lining, a heat-stamped logo on the bottom with a slightly engraved but bold effect, and a detachable, zipped leather pouch characterize all bags in the collection. The bucket design, stiff and spacious, comes with an additional woven leather handle.

Prada is constantly evolving: at the Milan Fashion Week Fall 2020, the brand announced that Raf Simons will be the co-creative director from April 2. The first results of the Belgian designer’s collaboration with Miuccia Prada will be unveiled during next September’s Milan Fashion Week.

The creatives will build on Prada’s values and DNA together, with their own peculiarities and distinctive traits – looking ahead of time, provoking and experimenting.

Now, all that remains is to wait and see what this collaboration will bring.

It will no doubt be a hotbed of ideas.

Letizia Bellitti
Letizia Bellitti
Curious by nature and passionate about everything creative. I have been writing for several years, and I have always been interested in fashion and design. Writing about fashion, art and design is the best way for me to share my passion with others.

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