Luxury and fast fashion together to face the Covid-19 emergency


From luxury to fast fashion, companies are not watching and are mobilizing to face Covid-19 and help make up for the lack of masks and medical devices.

Lvmh, after announcing last week that it has temporarily converted the entire perfume and cosmetics division into the huge production of hand sanitizer gel, over the weekend announced that in the next few days, thanks to a Chinese supplier, it will deliver 10 million masks, renewing the order for at least four weeks, for a total of 40 million pieces.

Bernard Arnault covered the financing of the entire first week, for an amount of € 5 million, as specified by the group, which will manage the supply chain, shipping and customs clearance of the products. Specifically, 7 million surgical masks and 3 million Ffp2 masks will arrive from China.

Even the rival Kering is no different: the French giant has announced that two of its brands in its portfolio, Saint Laurent and Balenciaga, will begin to produce anti-Covid-19 masks as soon as they have the go-ahead.

In the meantime, the team led by François-Henri Pinault will supply the French health service with 3 million masks imported from China.

Kering is also pursuing the same commitment in Italy: Gucci, another brand within the holding, has responded to the appeal of the Tuscany Region and has decided to donate 1.1 million masks and 55 thousand gowns which, subject to authorization by the competent authorities, will be delivered shortly.

The group has made its closeness to our country felt also through the donation of 2 million euros to support Italian healthcare in the territories where the brands in the team are most present: Lombardy, Veneto, Tuscany and Lazio.

However, the efforts made by the textile world to adapt to the pressing needs of this difficult moment are transversal and without latitudes: two exponents of fast fashion, such as Inditex and H&M, take sides in the fight against coronavirus.

The Spanish multinational, founded by Amacio Ortega and owner of the Zara brand, has made the production chains and logistic systems of the group available to doctors and hospitals, where lab coats will also be made for healthcare personnel. 10 thousand masks have already been distributed, out of an expected total of 300 thousand.

Today the news comes from the North that H&M is reorganizing itself to produce personal protective equipment to be provided to hospitals and healthcare professionals around the world.

To deliver the material as soon as possible, the Swedish retailer will use the entire supply chain, including the purchase and logistics phases.

The coronavirus is hitting each of us dramatically and the group, like many other organizations, is doing its best to provide its support in this extraordinary situation

said Anna Gedda, head of Sustainability of H&M Group

We consider these actions as a first step to offer our best support to the world population. We are all involved and we must face it by staying united and sharing what we can with the community

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