Anita Lo Mastro meets Mr. Roscioli President of Federalberghi Roma


Interview with Giuseppe Roscioli National Vice-President of Federalberghi and President of Federalberghi Roma

Today we meet dr. Giuseppe Roscioli, National Vice-President of Federalberghi and President of Federalberghi Roma.

President, can you describe the state of health of Made in Italy in hotel hospitality?

Our country boasts a long experience in the field of hospitality, a hospitality that is recognized worldwide for its seriousness and professionalism, characteristics that are not often found in the countries that have appeared in the tourism sector more recently than in Italy.

What is the element that sets Federalberghi apart from other associations?

Surely the seriousness and professionalism of all our operators, we have associations that constantly follow the hotel tourism trend and also that of the related services. Important training, both the compulsory one provided by the rules and the optional one that allows to always have clear the needs and requirements of contemporary tourism

What role do you attribute to internationalization?

Internationalization is essential for Italian reception structures, a look abroad and our Made in Italy reception proposals are definitely a distinctive element

What are the future goals of Federalberghi Nazionale?

Our goal is to speed up the process of optimizing the resources we have to try to provide an adequate service throughout Italy on much higher parameters than current ones and to bring all our members to understand this process to make investments on training because this will lead to a single result, that is excellence

President, what does excellence mean to you?

It is simply the goal that everyone must aim for!

interview by Camilla Nata

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