Artsy and Luxury Furniture by Fornasetti



100 years of history and a legacy that will never be forgotten, Piero Fornasetti‘s legacy lives on, either on the multiple design creations that highly take inspiration from the famous designer.

Piero Fornasetti was an extraordinary visionary and prolific designer, painter, sculptor, and engraver, creating approximately 13,000 objects and decorations throughout his life. His whimsical motifs—the sun, moon, and stars, animals, surrealist images—adorn furniture, interiors, scarves, and everyday objects like ashtrays, trash cans, and umbrella stands.

Artsy and Luxury Furniture by FORNASETTI

Throughout his son that keeps his father’s legacy alive, the home where Piero lived his entire life and that to this day, pays homage to the artist’s honorable world or last but not least, the design brand, Fornasetti‘s furniture design creations that still carry an unimaginable legacy. Barnaba Fornasetti took over the company in 1988 after his father’s passing and continues Piero’s work today. Barnaba has curated more than 1,000 pieces, mostly from the Fornasetti archive in Milan.

My father was a prolific artist. You can see in the exhibition how many drawings he was able to do. But he was often able to use images that were already available—images from the past, from stories, from old books, old prints. The strongest example of this concept is are the plates, the collection called “Theme and Variations”. It is made with the same face, the graphic design of a face taken from an old magazine last century—the portrait of [opera singer] Lina Cavalieri. He did not choose this image because it was Lina Cavalieri, but because it was graphically perfect to create these plates, and he used this image more than 300 times.

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