My Best Cakes, a Competition for Amateur Pastry Chefs


A new initiative, a delicious idea, launched by three sisters with a passion for sweets.

MY BEST CAKES is a competition for amateur pastry chefs who want to challenge each other with cream, chocolate and elaborate decorations.

my best cake

We thought that many people in this time of quarantine could have fun preparing sweets, following their passion and at the same time participating in a nice contest

Arianna says

A moment of conviviality that develops through social media and that is involving many fans.

But how does it work?

We publish photos of the desserts with data on who made them, people express their preference and at the end of the competition, which will end on June 30, we will elect the winners on the basis of the highest rating received

Asia specifies

A project that focuses on the involvement of cooking enthusiasts but which also wants to be a means of creating networks, albeit in a virtual way, in this complicated period

concludes Letizia

The five winners will be celebrated during a gala evening in a beautiful hotel and will benefit from coupons for luxury hotel stays.

The provisional ranking as of March 31st is as follows:

1. Rose kiss made by @debora_muscas
2. Fondant basket made by @paolanenna
3. Red wine donut made by @elena.giu
4. Berries cheesecake made by @valentinavivarelli
5. My best cheesecake made by @elisav2712

Good cake everyone!

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