Smartvillage Cloud: a new way of networking


It is a time of change, when we are all called to stop, take a look at our own lives, and self-examine ourselves.

This 2020, which started in the worst of ways in some respects, may be taken as a chance to go back to those essential values that seemed to have faded out for some time. Once this period is over, though, will the world be the same?

wonders Christian Gaston Illan, CEO and Founder of iLoby.

This new, uncertain reality also opens up to new possibilities. An ocean of new horizons spreads before us

he explains.

And this is exactly how one Sunday encouraged a pair of creatives to envision a place where people could virtually meet, even if just for one moment.

A sort of “small world” where entrepreneurs with various backgrounds can meet to share their expertise and skills, but mostly to use their own networks to create a new hub, a peer community for mutual support during this quarantine, willing to commit to team up and collaborate when everything will start again.

This is exactly how #SmartvillageCloud was born, from an idea by Italian-Argentinean entrepreneur Christian Gaston Illan and his partner Maria Giulia Linfante. A project that has been involving entrepreneurs from Milan and beyond, working in different fields – fashion, music, theatre, wellness, dining, art, business and marketing advising, tech experts, and more. Composers, dancers, actors, dubbers, conductors, and chefs.

An exchange of opportunities where everyone brings what they have: yoga workshops, music concerts, in-depth analysis of the news, elocution classes, reading recommendations, entrepreneurial experiences, and projects to overcome the ongoing emergency together.

The first event is scheduled for tomorrow at 7pm – on Hangout, of course!

Members of this exclusive group will have a chance to grasp the basics of making perfect Spritzes, Negronis and Americanos, with Campari Academy as a partner.

Leading the group will be master bartender Nicola Scarnera, together with Gustavo Cali, manager of Campari Academy.

A first virtual toast to wish everyone a happy Easter

says Christian Gaston

to celebrate everyone’s ability to build the virtuous word-of-mouth that has created this beautiful group.
A colorful world where imagination is the only limit

Emanuela Zini
Emanuela Zini
My professional life has been marked by several big changes that made me grow as a person and as a leader, develop new skills and mental flexibility, which in turn allows me to face challenges from a different, unique perspective. To me, writing represent a way to communicate with myself and with others. Telling stories and engaging my readers are the challenges that I am currently facing within a wider editorial project.

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