Crida: an effortlessly chic celebration of the Italian Style


The might of friendship, the power of a dream, a passion turned into reality. In one word, CRIDA – an acronym for Cristina Parodi and Daniela Palazzi, two friends who have always shared a love of fashion. A proud Italian project, a declaration of love to Italy and its pearls told through stories of fine fabrics and premium crafting. It all results in a range inspired by Italian women’s elegance, where even style names celebrate Italy in a North-to-South tour of the cities that symbolize the country’s beauty around the world – Milan, Florence, Capri and Taormina.


While CRIDA’s identity is rooted in the Italian heritage, it is to the founders’ different backgrounds that the brand owes its unique twist: they share their experiences as working mothers, and they both live in Bergamo, but Cristina is a globetrotting journalist, while Daniela is a designer and PR specialist in love with design. The former’s sociability mixes with the latter’s creativity for absolutely unique results.


A brand for women made by women, inspired by that enjoyable feeling of being at ease in one’s clothes. CRIDA is where femininity and comfort, wearability and kindness perfectly blend. Sober elegance and whispered sensuality, told by flawless dresses that discreetly flatter curves. The challenge was actually to create loose-fit pieces that would fit different body types. It is no chance that Cristina Parodi wears a 4 to 6, Daniela Palazzi wears a 2 to 4, and yet they were able to make clothes that fit both of them, in the same size.


CRIDA debuts in the fashion system with an SS20 capsule collection featuring ten dresses and two pieces of outerwear with an effortlessly chic twist. Perfectly form-fitting dresses fall loosely over the hips, with wide, flimsy midi or long skirts, large sleeves, formal cuffs and no zips. All versatile to wear, being made of refined fabrics like chiffon and silk, CRIDA’s dresses make perfect daywear and eveningwear looks, with just the right touch of accessories. The collection also includes cotton styles, like a canvas circle skirt, woven cotton shirt dresses, and striped poplin shirts.


A varied color palette ranges from neutral tones and timeless cream to the energetic hues of silks, like forest green, Tiffany blue, tobacco, vibrant yellow, and red.

Besides fashion and the magic world of fabrics, CRIDA encourages to believe in one’s dreams, as it is never too late to make them true. Cristina and Daniela give their word!

Letizia Bellitti
Letizia Bellitti
Curious by nature and passionate about everything creative. I have been writing for several years, and I have always been interested in fashion and design. Writing about fashion, art and design is the best way for me to share my passion with others.

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