Giada arrives in the China World Hotel in Beijing


Giada arrives in the China World Hotel in Beijing with a mega multifunctional space dedicated to the luxury experience, from fashion to fine food.

The space will extend over almost 1,000 square meters. distributed over two floors in the west wing of the hotel and is expected to open its doors next October, Covid-19 permitting.

Called Giada Club, the first level of 353 sq m. it will be dedicated to the boutique of the women’s ready-to-wear fashion house.

Beyond fashion, an area of ​​645 square meters. the upper floor will house a dining room and a bar area with a sky garden.

The Club bears the signature of the master of European minimalist architecture, Claudio Silvestrin, who designed the space respecting the values ​​of modernity and elegance of Giada.


The China World Hotel is located in the heart of Beijing’s business district and overlooks the city’s most famous street, East Chang’an Avenue, next to the Chinese shopping destination China World Mall.

The opening reinforces Jade’s presence in the Dragon Country, where it already boasts 50 stores, and marks a new chapter of cooperation between Italian art and Chinese culture.

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