La Mer Blue Heart: the new project for the protection of the oceans


La Mer, perfectly in line with the tradition devoted to environmental ethics, also announced this year its support for the protection of the ocean with the La Mer Blue Heart operation.

We are committed to protecting marine habitats around the world in the hope of securing marvelous seas for generations to come. This year we will support projects focused on educating and empowering young people to become agents of change in their local communities and at the same time we work to ensure healthy seas for generations to come

declares La Mer in a statement.

The La Mer Blue Heart mission puts in place several initiatives for 2020: in June, for each public post that will use #LaMerBlueHeart and #LaMerDonation together, it will donate $ 25, up to $ 550,000, to the La Mer Blue Heart Oceans fund for support its youth awareness projects on ocean conservation.

La Mer Blue Heart 2020

The luxury brand also presents a new jar of Blue Heart Crème de La Mer in Limited Edition. The packaging is characterized by a shimmering hand-painted watercolor drawing inspired by the rippling waves of our sparkling seas.

To confirm the brand’s commitment, it is imperative to remember that to create its Miracle Broth ™, active at the base of all products, only seaweed collected by hand in a sustainable way from pristine and protected waters off the coast of Vancouver Island, and that each year, worldwide, members of the La Mer team, their families and local communities participate in initiatives to clean and restore local coasts and beaches.

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