Where Luxury Sleeps: François Catroux’s Bedroom Design Projects


François Catroux is one of the most remarkable French best interior designers who display settings with the most amazing neutral and sophisticated tones.

Francois Catrouxs luxury design

In each of his luxury interior design projects, Catroux transforms a standard bedroom into a warm, rich, and attractive space, that flawlessly fits his modern interior design identity – true sanctuaries where luxury sleeps.

Francois Catrouxs luxury design

François Catroux is known for naturally combining modern and vintage trends, giving an authentic touch. These luxury bedroom interiors feature the most eccentric fine art pieces which are able to transform each of these bedrooms. François Catroux is one of the greatest in the interior design world, and he stands as a great example for emerging designers.

Francois Catrouxs luxury design

Inside these modern bedrooms, there is a fabulous way of creating the 18th-century neoclassicism in a sophisticated and contemporary way. These bedroom interior design projects that this designer embraced, quickly established a reputation for what he looks to create the most breathtaking settings.

Francois Catrouxs luxury design

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