Burberry Open-Air Fashion Show


Nature as inspiration, as a wonderful guide. This is how Burberry celebrates Britain’s natural landscape with an open-air fashion show to present the spring-summer 2021 collection, which will take place on 17 September next.

As human beings

explains the creative director of the brand, Riccardo Tisci

we have always had a profound affinity with nature. We respected and relied on its power for our very existence, marveling at us and enjoying its extraordinary beauty. Above all recently, we have all ardently desired to reconnect with her again and with this show, I will celebrate these feelings by bringing our community together in a creative experience that will take place in the beautiful natural landscape of Great Britain

In line with the two previous fashion shows, this fashion show will also be Carbon Neutral certified. In addition, all measures to reduce the environmental impact of the presentation will be applied and any remaining emissions will be offset through Burberry’s Regeneration Fund.

Now more than ever

reads in a note

we have to reinvent, change. We have always been attracted to nature and today we look to the purity and simplicity of open spaces, where our founder Thomas Burberry has laid the foundations, redefining our fashion landscape through new forms of expression

Set in the British open spaces, the collection will come to life as a live physical presentation that everyone will be able to experience digitally. The show, emphasizes the maison

it will open new spaces to our global community and reconnect us with nature and with each other

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