HOMI supports Italian craftsmanship with “NewCraftEra”


On the occasion of its next edition, scheduled from 19 to 22 September in the exhibition spaces of Fiera Milano Rho, the international exhibition dedicated to the best of fashion accessories, bijoux and trendy jewelery HOMI Fashion & Jewels will launch a new project aimed at supporting small businesses and the artisan realities of the Italian fashion and lifestyle chain.

“NewCraftEra”, this is the name of the initiative, “will highlight the collections designed for a sustainable future, thanks to the use of environmentally friendly materials and the adoption of production processes with low environmental impact”, explain the organizers of the show.


The brands involved in the project will have a dedicated space, promoted through targeted incoming activities, a communication plan that will enhance its peculiarities and distinctive features, and the digital community #befashionandjewels.


In the intentions of the show, “NewCraftEra” wants to become a hub of research and comparison for the identification of Italian excellence in the bijoux, jewelery and design accessories universe.

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