Jewelry, the Glam Trends for Summer 2020


Jewelry, like any category in fashion and luxury, is influenced by trends and market needs. In recent years we have seen a real invasion of shells, anklets, necklaces and fine chains with their initial or zodiac sign in plain sight, but this year what will be the styles that we will see bring out the tan and complete the look? Judging by the clicks on the jewelry category, increased by 256% on Stylight, here are the glamorous trends of summer 2020.

Baroque pearls

For a time, pearls have been considered a rather dated accessory, but for some years now, they have begun to regain their popularity. Now pearls have become a real must-have: both for rings with pearls and for necklaces.

excellence magazine glam trend summer

But in 2020 when we talk about pearls we are not referring to the typical string of pearls inherited from the mother or grandmother, but we are talking about the baroque ones, those with a “not well defined” rough section, which are often combined with golden and worked metals by hand. In the Middle Eastern taste they have always been appreciated.


If you too are lovers of that slightly vintage look and let’s admit it also a little ciaffone at the market this is the trend for you: layering! Whether it’s rings, bracelets or necklaces, whoever has more has more.

excellence magazine glam trend summer

This trend is certainly not new, but this year in particular there is a tendency to mix chain necklaces with retro-style flat chain necklaces, even herringbone.

Colored beads & rainbow stones

These two trends are made especially for color lovers! Whether it’s rainbow jewels or necklaces with colored beads like the ones we used to wear as girls, these two types are perfect for giving that extra touch of color to your summer outfits.

excellence magazine glam trend summer
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Jewelry with animals

It can certainly be defined as one of the most exotic trends of 2020: we are talking about them, about jewelry with animals. In particular, we are not referring only to the discreet gold pendants of the Dodo, but also to all those earrings, necklaces and rings that depict marine or tropical fauna with all their colors and details.

excellence magazine glam trend summer

We can also find this trend in luxury jewelery, a striking example of the return of the iconic Serpenti by Bulgari and the Panthère line by Cartier.

Modular or layered rings

Another great trend of this year is represented by rings, so to speak, in layers, this trend is not new but certainly the strong relaunch that Trinity Cartier has had this year is proof of this.

excellence magazine glam trend summer

Obviously another great icon of this trend is Bulgari’s B Zero, but many brands like Pandora are focusing on this type of design that allows you to play, compose and decompose the rings. On Stylight there has been an increase in clicks of 1,600% for this category.

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