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Our new Excellence Fashion Pills are back: all fashion news, in just one piece. From MSGM’s green capsule collection to the Air Jordan Dior luxury streetwear, here is what fashion has in store.

Fashion that goes hand in hand with ethics. A project more and more popular with brands, as they attempt to combine creativity, luxury and sustainability. Founded in 2009 by Massimo Giorgetti, MSGM is the latest to have joined the green movement by introducing the Fantastic Green capsule collection.

Sweatshirts, trousers, t-shirts and shorts that still sport the brand’s signature eclectic, contemporary style and tailoring heritage, now combined with environment-conscious manufacturing.

The collection is mainly made from GOTS and BCI certified organic cotton fiber, and items are dyed with special pigments that drastically reduce polluting emissions. A biodegradable, water-based ink for fabrics made from natural, chemical-free raw materials was used for the graphics.

excellence magazine pills msgm air jordan dior sneakers fantastic green

MSGM’s sustainable efforts also involve merchandising and distribution materials, like the inner labels, now being made in recycled polyester, and hangers and bags, made from recycled and recyclable plastic.

As the creative director declared in a statement

it is difficult to imagine the future without fashion being green. We must all work on ensuring that the production chain evolves, transforms itself to protect the environment.With the Fantastic Green collection, MSGM is embarking on a process of experimentation and innovation that will lead it to rethink, step by step, all its activities from an environmentally-friendly perspective. It is making a firm, practical commitment and signing a declaration of love for nature, a declaration that I felt was my duty to make, especially in these times

The Fantastic Green capsule collection by MSGM will be out from January 2021. Besides, “Never look back, it’s all ahead” is one of the brand’s mottos…

excellence magazine pills msgm air jordan dior sneakers fantastic green

The most-anticipated sneakers in 2020, the Air Jordan Dior made their debut on the market with a surprise Instagram release that left many fans bitter for not being able to get hold of the coveted shoes. A selling strategy based on consumers’ speed, on “first come, first served” approach. The Air Jordan Dior collab brings two fashion icons together in a project featuring ready-to-wear pieces and accessories alike, available at selected stores from July 8.

excellence magazine pills msgm air jordan dior sneakers fantastic green

The result is a mix of ‘80s-style activewear inspired by Michal Jordan, and the French brand’s high-couture approach. Wool dresses with Air Dior branded buttons, bomber jackets with a Jumpman logo on the sleeve, and blazers with a striped white and blue lining, alongside suede hoodies, cashmere sweaters, shorts, shirts, trousers, and polo shirts. The color palette comes in delicate hues. The accessories selected by this new active-luxury pair include clutches, hats, necklaces, a wallet and a printed silk scarf.

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