Giorgio Armani Privé, 15 years of High Fashion


A remarkable achievement reached through Re Giorgio’s revolution in high fashion, with sophisticated silhouettes, precious patterns and fabrics, and fine embroideries embodying a forward-looking mindset that has not changed in time.

Haute couture thus becomes a place where the liveliest imagination meets the tailors’ flawless, skillful crafting.

Giorgio Armani Prive

Today, Giorgio Armani Privé celebrates 15 years, in such a critical moment that the anniversary is marked in a subtle, yet modern way with a selection of Instagram photos picturing the best moments in its history.

This same day would normally see the fashion house’s show in Paris, postponed to January 2021 in Milan, at Palazzo Orsini in via Borgonuovo, the brand’s long-standing headquarters.

The selected pictures go back to the brand’s debut with the first Paris show, an essential space where slant-cut cady dresses fluidly followed the models’ steps. Nets of crystals, jets and pearls applied to delicate, weightless chiffons shaped ethereal, gravity-less silhouettes.

Giorgio Armani Prive

From then on, every collection has followed a thoughtful, congruous path: from the FW 2013-14 Nude collection, almost immaterial, ethereal and luminous at once, to Hommage au Japon (FW 2011/2012), a tribute to an extraordinary country and its refined culture, which has often inspired the designer.

giorgio armani privé haute couture

In 2012, it was China’s turn to be translated into 15 pieces at the evening event One Night Only in Beijing. Two years later, Paris hosted One Night Only in Paris, which introduced the SS Nomade collection, infused with Armani’s signature essential lines contrasting with the lavish decorations on the fabrics, embroidered with endless shimmering Miyuki beads.

The year 2013 marked the firm’s 40 years in the business with a grand fashion show that retraced Armani Privé’s first decade. An iconic moment where a parade of sophisticated masterpieces perfectly sampled the brand’s savoir-faire, and Giorgio Armani’s vision of high fashion.

Giorgio Armani Prive

Among constant references to dreams and memories of far-away places and atmospheres, vibrant pops of color mix with neutral tones in a perfect palette, well-balanced and thoroughly researched.

Last, the SS 2020 collection, where peacock green, bright blue, fuchsia and red create imaginative ikat patterns.

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