Suzy Menkes says goodbye to Vogue


I have often said that change is the essence of fashion. As is true!

Suzy Menkes, iconic journalist and fashion critic, announces on his Instagram profile that next October he will leave Vogue where he has worked for the past six years, after his long experience at the International Herald Tribune, today the International New York Times.

Suzy Menkes


September will therefore be the last fashion weeks that Suzy Menkes will follow for the magazine.

I started in Condé Nast in 2014 projecting myself into the digital world. During these six years I have followed the evolution of the creative and fashion industry, through reports from fashion shows and posts on Instagram, not to mention the organization and moderation of some of the most important events and conferences

Menkes underlines, pointing out that the experience of editor of Vogue International has been rewarding and special and thanks the industry insiders, his team (in particular Adrian Ting and Natasha Cowan), the followers and listeners of his podcasts.

Suzy Menkes

Everything would imply a withdrawal from the scenes, but in the final part of her post the 76 year old Suzy suggests quite another scenario.

The current global situation has generated in me, as in others, the desire for a pause for reflection. Now it’s time for a new adventure, which I can’t wait to embark on with enthusiasm. I will continue to write, post, record and be a point of reference for the sector

Suzy Menkes invites everyone to follow his account and, to find out the next step in his career. The journalist does not give advances but there may be a book on the horizon, almost a diary of 30 years of career …

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