The Italian Sea Group unveals the Tecnomar for Lamborghini 63


Automobili Lamborghini has officially announced its partnership with The Italian Sea Group, leading luxury yachting with gems like Life Saga and Geco.

Lamborghini Tecnomar

The Italian group includes brands like Tecnomar, led by Apulian entrepreneur Giovanni Costantino and famous for its unique, high-performance sporty designs.

Lamborghini Tecnomar

Boating and automotive blend in an extraordinary yacht that embodies the core values of both worlds – performances, driving pleasure, and sophisticated details. Let’s find out more about this new luxury creation by Tecnomar, expected to set sail early next year.

Lamborghini Tecnomar

Built with functionality in mind, the yacht’s construction features a specially-researched hull, developed following fluid dynamics. The streamlined silhouette is enhanced by the hardtop, sheltering guests with its roadster-inspired design. The bow lights celebrate both the Third Millennium concept car and the Sián FKP 37.

Lamborghini Tecnomar Lamborghini Tecnomar

The latter, Lamborghini’s first electric supercar to reach 220mph, was the inspiration for the Tecnomar for Lamborghini 63, a synonym for speed. Powered by MAN V12 twin engines with 2,000hp each, this all-new superyacht will be the fastest of all the Tecnomar fleet. As athletic as all Lamborghini’s classics with its 23 tons of weight evenly distributed, the yacht will be able to reach a top speed of 60 knots.

Lamborghini Tecnomar

Incredibly fast, this superyacht will also stand out for its peculiar pilot cabin, echoing Lamborghini’s automotive heritage. The navigation and monitoring systems all come in carbon fiber and carbon skin. The pilot will occupy one of the supersport seats at the steering wheel, equipped with the iconic “Start & Stop” button.

Lamborghini Tecnomar

Additional supercar-inspired details will decorate the yacht’s interiors, like hexagonal shapes, essential lines, and bold colors.

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