Unimpresa: Raffaele Lauro is the new Secretary


The appointment of the new secretary general of a company has been defined today.

Raffaele Lauro, former prefect and senator, whose appointment was decided with a determination by the president of Unimpresa, Giovanna Ferrara, also becomes a member of the presidency committee of Unimpresa.

The reasons and aims of such a high profile choice are to be identified in the objectives of development, intensification and consolidation of relations between a company and public institutions, at all levels, both nationally and internationally.

The overall strategies of the association, in a phase of complex recovery of entrepreneurial activities, aim to strengthen the training of the associates through the prestigious institutional and professional experiences of a company.

The presentation and installation of the new secretary general will take place on Friday 10 July, in Castellammare di Stabia, on the occasion of the meeting of the presidential committee, convened to define the new post-Covid-19 policies of the association and the further proposals to be submitted. to the government to face the serious ongoing crisis of small and medium-sized enterprises, which would suffer a further and irreversible aggravation, without extraordinary and immediately effective measures, in terms of bureaucratic simplifications, fiscal measures and access to liquidity.

Short bio:

Raffaele Lauro (Sorrento, 1944) is a politician, publicist journalist and essayist. Graduated in Political Sciences, Law and Economics with honors, he was full professor of History and Philosophy in High Schools and professor of Law of Mass Communications at LUISS (Free International University of Social Studies). Head of the secretariat and political adviser of several ministers, he has served as prefect of the Republic as head of cabinet of the ministries of the interior and economic development, as well as extraordinary commissioner of the government for the fight against racketeering and usury . Senator of the Republic (16th Legislature), he was a member, among others, of the Constitutional Affairs and Anti-Mafia commissions, characterizing his parliamentary commitment in the fight against gambling and all the mafias. Publicist and essayist, for seven years he directed the magazine “Poste & Telecomunicazioni” as editor in chief and collaborated with the newspapers “Il Mattino”, “Il Tempo” and “Il Popolo”. Screenwriter and writer, he has published eighteen successful novels to date and in 1987 he obtained the “Chianciano di Narrativa Prize – Opera Prima” with “Rome in two”, followed by other prestigious career awards, both institutional what a narrative (www.raffaelelauro.it).

Emanuela Zini
Emanuela Zini
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