Welcome back to Magna Pars, the Hotel à Parfum


Located in Via Forcella 6 in Milan, the five-star Magna Pars hotel – the first Hotel à Parfum of quintessential Italian excellence – reopens August 31, for a unique, multisensory experience.

At the Magna Pars hotel, large spaces, spacious suites with living areas, the inside gardens and the outside have always attracted international globetrotters, managers, photographers and designers looking for privacy and the warmth of Italian hospitality. The Essence of Living.

In the past few months, the hotel has perfected exclusive services to gift guests with beautiful moments and endless emotions: happy hours on private balconies and evocative pre-dinners on the Roof Deck, private dinners at the DA NOI IN restaurant with inside garden and open kitchen, exclusive nights with dedicated servers at the Winery, and room service at breakfast, lunch and dinner, in addition to Ayurvedic massages with perfume therapy in private cabins and gym access in compliance with the new protocols, not to mention business meetings in the Library Hall, informal gatherings in the intimacy of the Blibliotheca, and streaming conferences in the Event Space rooms.

Magna Pars Milan

In order to ensure continuity and comply with the Italian government’s directions, the hotel has introduced a Safety Protocol to manage all operations while guaranteeing outstanding hospitality services that forerun future travelling scenarios, which will improve our way of life.

Social distancing is ensured by the hotel’s large spaces. Sanitation is rooted in the hotel’s history, in the old family-run perfume factory where fragrances were created, and everything had scents. The modern perfume factory produces the hand sanitizer that is available to guests all over the hotel. In the reception, library, restaurant, inside garden, gym, Roof Deck and every single suite, everything is sanitized with fully tested systems, in observance of the current law.

The large suites include a dedicated living space for breakfasts, lunches or dinners. The new adjoining Family Suites with private balconies guarantee total privacy to guests travelling with their families, and will be completed in a dedicated wing developed according to the new laws for a safe stay.

Every suite is named after one of the fragrances developed at the LabSolue Perfume Laboratory, and welcomes guests with a Perfumed Safety Kit featuring a face mask and lavender-scented sanitizing gel. All suites are also equipped with a Dyson sanitizer for personal use.

Magna Pars Milan

The hotel’s search for excellence, passion for art and love for Milan will keep nurturing intriguing projects to discover and explore the ‘great beauty’ of the city’s artistic and natural treasures, as well as the beautiful villages, lakes and mountains around. Safety, privacy, large versatile spaces, excellent services and a professional staff will make for an unforgettable stay at the Magna Pars hotel.

Our guests are part of our family, and we strive to ensure their wellbeing and safety. We keep working for what we believe in – welcoming travelers in an elegant Italian residence, and make them feel at home

Famiglia Martone

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