Altaroma: ‘Rome is my Runway'


It is the third edition of the ‘Rome is my Runway’ format, a collective fashion show reserved for the promotion of emerging brands, selected on the national territory, to open the new edition of Altaroma (15-17/9) after the pandemic, proposed in September instead of July for this in digital and “physical” version, for the first time at Palazzo Brancaccio.

Andres Romo, born and raised in Mexico, studied in one of the main design schools in Mexico: the Casa Blanca university located in the city of Culiacàn Sinaloa. He is currently the official stylist of E.G.V.1, a company producing high quality uniforms for commercial and private companies all over the world. Her brand Andres Romo by Andrès Romo presents a woman who wants to take the past and mix it with the present, all through the inspiration of Mexican tradition, which translates into floral dresses, fresh colors, vaguely 50s romantic lines. Its production is in Italy. Cielito Lindo, the name of the new collection tells timeless garments, inspired by a nostalgic elegance where shapes and volumes are built to enhance the female figure.

Roni Studios is a brand based in Milan that offers the tradition of Milanese craftsmanship, within a de-built design that draws inspiration from Tel Aviv, a city chosen because it is “chaotic and contradictory”. The designer pays a lot of attention to the entire production process, from the collection of raw materials to the production of the fabric, up to the final stitching, driven by an ideology based on environmental ethics.

Sartoria 74, a brand created in 2018 by Francesca Ciccarelli, looks at the elegance of Neapolitan tailoring and revisits the tuxedo, choosing pink and black for long dresses and suits created with all the criteria of haute couture.

Salvatore Vignola loves sport couture and mixes silk dresses with rubber caloshes, trench coats and red carpet outfits, alternating silk and wool, poplin and innovative fabrics such as soy tulle and hemp denim.

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