Sustainable Brand Platform: blockchain technology to support the fashion sustainability


Idee Brand Platform (Ibp) launches Sustainable Brand Platform and puts Blockchain technology in support of the sustainability of the fashion supply chain.

The platform allows brands to monitor and improve their performance in the green sector, while increasing their visibility towards global retailers and consumers who are more attentive to ecological and social issues.

The project stems from the desire of a new generation of entrepreneurs, committed to creating more balanced relationships between market needs and respect for the environment.

The platform offers an analytical assessment of the commitment and results in terms of sustainability and social responsibility of emerging international brands. To do this, it uses blockchain technology, based on transparency, reliability and validity of information.

All stages of the brand value chain are thoroughly analyzed, from raw material procurement to manufacturing processes, through to packaging development and logistics management, as well as the company’s commitment to charitable activities and operations of charity.

The evaluation translates into a rewarding algorithm based on objective and transparent elements, such as the number of international certifications obtained, to which are added qualitative criteria, including the concept of Km0, which enhances the production and distribution processes with a short supply chain. In addition, each brand will have the opportunity to highlight the green objectives set in the context of the ‘Agenda 2030’ global action program.

Idee Brand Platform, also guarantees visibility support to brands, Tora Tora, the physical and digital showroom dedicated to the promotion and development of emerging brands with strong creative value.

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