Aston Martin, from luxury cars to luxury mansions


Long-established English car company Aston Martin is now picking up by relying on its high-performance DBX SUV, hoping this will increase the sales volume. In addition, the brand is also developing side projects like a collaboration with S3 Architecture from New York for the design of a private residence.

Luxury brand Aston Martin’s take has turned the house, known as Sylvan Rock, into more than just a villa. It is now a true two-story residential resort dominating New York’s Hudson Valley (128 km north of the American city), with grounds stretching over more than 22 hectares.

The villa’s outdoors and large glass windows  are designed to blend in and enhance the dense woods and the Catskill Mountains in the surrounding area. The main residential unit extends over 600 square meters, and its spaces include 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 2 half-baths, a living room, a kitchen, a dedicated fitness area, three small guest residences, a swimming pool, a pool house featuring a Jacuzzi and a sauna, and a large garden.

Sylvan Rock view Aston Martin

The mansion’s centerpiece is its garage, perfectly integrated with the rest of the house and built to highlight the supercars it hosts, visible through the huge glass windows. Wealthy clients who can afford to sign the 8-million-dollar contract to purchase the house can also opt for a complementary Aston Martin DBX in Onyx Black.

The resort’s style stands out for clean shapes and streamlined surfaces. Its open spaces feature furniture with luxury wood, leather or metallic finishings, in addition to cutting-edge home appliances perfectly combined with the furnishings.

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