Excellence Green Night Awards


Everything is ready for the second edition of the Excellence Green Night Awards, an award recognized for excellence that has distinguished itself for the protection and care of the environment based on the Kelony Risk Rating Index.

The event that will take place tomorrow evening in the beautiful rooms of the Splendide hotel in Lugano, in compliance with the anti-covid regulations, will see four realities awarded this year:

SMAH, Simone Micheli Architectural Hero awarded for the interior design and lighting project of Aquatio Cave Luxury Hotel & SPA in Matera.

Banca Generali, chosen for its commitment to customers with respect to sustainable investment objectives with a new platform for selecting ESG products.

Aquaride, which has brought to our latitudes an innovative way of practicing the sport of cycling in the water.

Made For A Woman, a brand dedicated to luxury accessories made in Madagascar with natural and eco-friendly materials, which supports a social project that involves local artisans. Made For A Woman is committed to supporting the independence and personal and professional growth of the women involved.

A heartfelt thanks goes to all the partners of the initiative, who also this year support the assignment of the Greeen Awards: Zarattini & Co. Bank, EcoSwiss and the University of Milan Bicocca who have been following the project from the first edition, World Protectum Forum, Kelony Risk Rating Agency, Wopart, Nastro & Nastro and Beyond Luxury and Merbag who have joined us for this second edition.

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