Excellence Magazine’s editorial platform expands to the television world


With the creation of a series of television productions entitled Excellence Lifestyle,
our publishing platform also arrives on digital terrestrial thanks to the collaboration with some international television networks.

In fact, next November a documentary about the city of Lugano will be broadcast, entitled Experience Lugano, which will present the territory, the lake, the parks and the beautiful mountains in all its splendor.

Not only nature but also culture and art with the Lac – the art museum of Italian Switzerland and international events, the traditional hospitality of Lugano, a city that has welcomed famous international personalities, is recognized all over the world, together with its delicious gastronomy, to luxury shopping streets and much more.

Protagonists of the documentary are also the Mayor of Lugano, the Councilor for Culture and Tourism and some of the main players in the area.

The first television production will also be visible on the web, through the www.experiencelugano.com platform which will be completed in the coming weeks.

Experience will be the central theme of all subsequent broadcasts that will talk about art, sustainability and enchanted places such as Capri, Venice, Florence and much more.

Sit back and enjoy, we’re coming soon to a screen near you.

Luigi Lauro

Luigi Lauro
Luigi Lauro
The Editor in Chief

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