Intelligent consulting in Insurance


The insurance market is asking for modernization and there is a growing need for new skills in insurance consultancy. European Brokers Insurance provides specialized advice on all insurance branches: its high level of professionalism comes from consolidated expertise, knowledge of the evolutionary dynamics of the insurance market, the acquisition and use of new business and production models, and the constant attention to customer care, aiming at an innovation and personalization of the insurance product.

What is Eba Brokers and what is its founding mission?
European Brokers is a group founded in 2005. Today, we are an Italian company with an international presence in 132 countries. We support our customers through two different branches, an insurance one, with European Brokers Insurance, one of the main brokerage firms in Italy, and with EBA Finance, which helps customers with their credit access needs and disinvestment solutions. Our Group has grown over time; our customer care and advice have allowed us to gain the trust of great entrepreneurs and large Italian companies. First of all, we provide the entrepreneurs with advice to help them map out their needs and risks, both industrial and financial ones. Next, we understand, together with our counterpart, which of these risks can be transfered to the insurance market and when the client might need to access credit instruments. We are able, even during such a unique time for companies, to offer tools that allow our clients to look ahead with optimism, to look beyond the crisis of these months.

Can we say that during this post-Covid moment, EBA is a financial structure that can give entrepreneurs real support? What message do you want to address to national and international entrepreneurs?
Absolutely. We have experience in many sectors; our company includes several different Units dedicated to different types of activities: we work with companies in sectors such as engineering, construction, healthcare, services, industries, artisans and textiles. Our group has a wide range of clients, which has allowed us to understand the real needs of the entrepreneurs and to speak their language – this is paramount. We are extremely specialized in credit, guarantee and disinvestment instruments, with access to alternative liquidity lines to the traditional banking system: this is certainly another of our strengths. In times like these, we are especially focused on supporting entrepreneurs.
Nowadays, entrepreneurs need new solutions that allow them to quickly reach the conclusion of their project.

EBA is also a partner of Simest and Sace, institutional partnerships that are the real guarantors of the entrepreneurs’ activities abroad. Can you also support companies when it comes to debt collection?
The structures of ECA, Export Credit Agency, with Sace and Simest, which are our partners together with the primary companies in the credit sector with which we work, allow us to find the best solutions for the companies that have chosen internationalization as their strategy. We can do that both through Export Credit and through dedicated Fin Import lines – we also work in the recovery of problem loans, where a company is involved with counterparties that it has no longer any control over.
These tools are fundamental for any company that wants to plan an expansion strategy and for its organic growth.

What is excellence for you?
Excellence happens when a man has the courage to be himself, everywhere, in every situation, wherever he wants to give space to his ideas, to his values and to what he has inside.

Is there room for a partnership between EBA and the Excellence platform, meant for supporting companies linked to the Group?
Of course, with great pleasure. It would be an important partnership, because for us the entrepreneurs that work with Excellence are potential clients to whom we can offer a wide range of services, as well as including them in a unique network.


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