GifArt: how to relate to art in CovidTime


Art, culture as a whole must not stoop, authors and users of ideas must align themselves in the search for the new, the how and when, reinventing themselves, and in this the artists teach, now it is time for research, waiting for safe places.

(M) covida

We are met by social media, which if used well, are our showcases that we were looking for materially before and that are missing today, this path allows us to each become his own gallery owner.

(M) CoviDa, the art that moves you.

Starting from Piacenza, the city of the three Cs: churches, barracks and casini, a project is underway to enhance and enhance the Italian artistic heritage by spreading beauty, entering its living rooms with colorful social micro-stories.

“Stay home, I’ll take you around the beautiful country”

Microcosms of nightlife will accompany you on itinerant journeys between the cities of art, encountering alleys and galleries that we often neglect out of habit, a way to regain possession of the beauty that surrounds us and make it our own again, scrutinize art among gifs that dance and make nightlife in CovidTime.

The artistic dissemination with (M) CoviDa brings you to know the Italian artistic culture, the next cities of art: Milan, Naples, Rome, Venice and Salerno.

Good Art to All.

Chicco Sabbatella
Chicco Sabbatella
Majored in Visual Arts focusing on Sacred Art and Anthropology at the Brera Academy of Milan. My artistic journey was characterized by an intense research activity, which saw me focus on different themes and materials, from stone to iron, from digital printing to photography.

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