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Leading dealer in sculpture and objects for over 50 years, the Sladmore Gallery has its origins in a private collection of nineteenth century bronze animal sculpture, assembled by the Horswell family in the 1960’s at Sladmore Farm in Buckinghamshire, alongside their exotic bird and animal Park. In 1968 the gallery moved to the three floor mews premises off Berkeley Square, where Sladmore Contemporary is still located today, in the heart of Mayfair.
A selection of the birds and animals were housed here as well and gradually bronzes completely replaced the flesh and blood creatures. Originally established as a gallery of purely ‘Animaliers’ sculpture, selling bronze sculpture by well-known sculptors of the 19thand 20thcentury, the Sladmore Gallery now represents a much wider range of contemporary artists, including ceramists, multimedia assemblage artists, stone carvers and medalists. Sladmore Contemporary represents a broad range of subjects but continues to specialize in sculpture that draws inspiration from the natural world, from Nic Fiddian-Green’s monumental, aged bronze horse heads, popular landmarks the world over, to the intricate, imaginative works of Nicola Lazzari.

Which events have you most enjoyed recently?
Masterpiece Art fair, London, which is surely the best art fair in the world, full of wonderful artworks, well laid out, lovely places to eat and drink and it is in the center of the capital city, which under normal circumstances is easily accessibility.

Since you are specialized in animal sculptures, what sparked your interest in this particular topic?
The gallery began in 1965 at Sladmore Farm, alongside my parents’ park of animals and exotic birds. So, animals and animal sculpture are in my blood. Recently I published the twentieth century companion to my mother’s book on nineteenth century animal sculpture, this gave me enormous satisfaction, as I hoped one day my children may write the third volume on twenty-first century animal sculpture!

What kind of clientele is likely to buy your products? People who collect art or animal and nature enthusiasts?
As we specialize in only the best our clients are often sophisticated art buyers, as well as fellow lovers of nature.  We also sell top quality works by Rodin, Troubetzkoy, Degas, Maillol and Mario Dilitz, an Austrian master wood carver, so lovers of the human form are also catered too.

Which materials are most valued by your Artists and by Yourselves?
Our stock is predominantly made up of bronze sculpture, this metal allows for the finest quality casting and also the most beautiful patinas.  Most of our sculptures are from small limited editions.  We also have selected works in stone, marble, wood and ceramics.

Is there any event planned for the near future?
This Autumn our contemporary department will be hosting exhibitions of Nic Fiddian-Green and Nicola Lazzari sculpture. In addition, we are mounting a major exhibition on turn of the century Impressionist sculpture (1880-1920), in recognition of the ground-breaking current exhibition at the Staedel Museum, Frankfurt.


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