Luigi Lauro

Luigi Lauro
The Editor in Chief

Kelly Clarkson the Home Decorator Star

First year American Idol winner in 2002, Kelly Clarkson has not only crafted a stellar award-winning career, but over the last 18 years her creativity has taken on a life of its own

The future of the financial system

Much has been said about the impact of Covid on the economy and the use of public assistance to support and revive it

Bob Krieger, greetings to the Maestro

Tireless and passionate, linked to the history of Italian fashion, Bob Krieger has interpreted a particular and always recognizable idea of ​​portrait and has represented Italian Style in the world, especially in the period from the sixties to the nineties

One Thousand Museum Miami

Designed by the world famous late Zaha Hadid, this residential tower reaching over 60 stories is the unprecedented fusion of art, architecture and design offering a 6-star lifestyle.

Excellence Vip Lounge: let’s start again!

Then fasten your seat belts and get ready to live with us a summer with many surprises and a lot of appointments

Genoa waits for you!

Looking forward to strolling again through its streets, we can travel with our imagination towards this Mediterranean gem

Design loves Milano

The fundraising online auction is a charity initiative spearheaded by creative agency Mr. Lawrence in collaboration with CAMBI AUCTION HOUSE. The lots on sale feature contemporary design by an incredible roster of international designers and dealers to benefit Ospedale Luigi Sacco in Milan.

Elegance of the Tennis Club Prato

Tennis Club of Prato stands on the hills nearby the town and is totally surrounded by nature. Restyling of the spaces dedicated to cafe, restaurant and reading activity was inspired by the elegance of English country style lounges mixed with classic Italian flavor to create a peaceful but at the same time sophisticated atmosphere

Coronavirus. Media Emergency and Fake News: stop with the senseless sensationalism

Coronavirus. Media Emergency and Fake News: stop with the senseless sensationalism that could cause, during our future recovery, a pessimistic, alienated and defeatist psychological condition, both individual and collective

Excellence Magazine Luxury N. 23

The 23rd issue of our Magazine opens the new year with a cover that we especially love and that we have strongly wanted. We have dedicated it to Roberto Bolle – it seems almost limiting to call him a dancer...his life is constantly evolving, always searching for excellence: a modern fairy tale that combines art, beauty, determination, commitment and passion into a true masterpiece