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Tribute to Gaetano Pesce: the Up Armchair in Piazza Duomo

During the 2019 Design Week, Milan celebrates the work and legacy of Gaetano Pesce with an installation, placed right in front of the Duomo, featuring the UP5 & 6 armchairs for B & B Italia. This original piece of furniture created by the Italian designer Gaetano Pesce has become a manifesto on the treatment of women in our patriarchal society and on gender inequality

Carlo Colombo protagonist of Salone del Mobile 2019

Carlo Colombo, one of the most appreciated architects and designers of Made in Italy, will be the great protagonist of Salone del Mobile 2019. His feature and style have made him famous for creating real design icons, objects of desire for contemporary living, rewarded with prestigious awards all over the world

Sorrento, the Land of Mermaids

For centuries, painters have tried to create art pieces that could reproduce this unique blend of pastel and vibrant tones mixing in the cliffs, the sea and the sky that stand out against Vesuvius, as well as in the Mediterranean scrubland, dressing everything of lush citrus grove and silvery olive trees

Milan Design Week, the city opens secret magic places

One of the many great upsides of the design week is the opening of gates that are usually closed during the year; Milan is famous for its courtyards, churches, cloisters and historical buildings. These spaces, for a few days, become accessible to everyone and magnificently set up by the works of brands and designers that use their know how to enhance spaces and peculiarities

Vismara Design in a completely new look: Circus Limited Edition

On the occasion of the 2019 edition of the Salone del Mobile in Milan, Vismara Design will present a collection with a strong visual and conceptual impact, which will immerse guests in a whole new world. The strong concept behind Luxury Entertainment collection- the idea of ​​private entertainment that led to the creation of luxury furniture for Home Theater Rooms and Game Rooms- is revived this year in its entirety

Dusk Blue is the color that you should consider for your interiors for this summer!

Dusk Blue it’s a rich color that not only feels really stylish but also has qualities that may have a positive psychological effect on being calming. Today, we suggest to you our selection of the must-have for your interiors. This lighter tone is the shade of restfulness and mental and spiritual balance. This calm color has an understated elegance that encourages a calm, reflective mood. Try it out in a kitchen, bathroom, living room or even in your kids’ room

Ferretti Group receives the “Entrepreneur of the year” award at Seatec in Marina di Carrara

Ferretti Group yesterday received the "entrepreneur of the year" award from Seatec of Marina di Carrara, an international exhibition of technology and subcontracting and design for boats, yachts and ships now in its seventeenth edition

The Principality of Monaco welcomed at Il Palato Italiano in Bolzano, Italy

Last week, a unique event was held at Bolzano’s culinary hub Il Palato Italiano, run by the Bertani family. Executive chef Filippo Sinisgalli proposed a special menu inspired by a “green is the new glam” philosophy, for a more natural cuisine

Gli Ascoltabili: to watch is not always to see

Gli Ascoltabili (The Audibles) is a project based on the idea of listening while freeing our eyes from the slavery of screens. Although apparently ambitious, the project is actually simple and straight: it is about using the same technology we blame for isolating us in abstract, virtual universes to raise awareness, reconnect with reality, learn and have fun all along

A great week and an uncertain future

Luxury companies were riding high on a wave of general improvement among developed equity markets, a recovery though that was particularly impressive in China