Sportswear awarded on the stock exchange

The luxury segment seems to have overcome the great fear of March, although the recent data of the Pandemic and the first lockdowns in Europe have triggered new fears

Market overview

"A politician becomes a statesman when he thinks of the next generations, and not the next elections" is one of Winston Churchill's best-known aphorisms

The Chinese Export Model

Never as in the past few weeks has the Chinese economy registered such an increase in growth rates. Data show an expected growth of about 1% in this annus horribilis of 2020. Nothing like the past years’ growth rates, but growth still, especially in the face of a serious global recession

XXV Premio Penisola Sorrentina: Environment, Culture and Tourism for the “Sorrento Charter”

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Premio Penisola Sorrentina -Sorrentine Peninsula Award-, the writer Raffaele Lauro, General Secretary of Unimpresa, will intervene, among other authoritative speakers, at the conference, organized by the Director of the award, Mario Esposito, in collaboration with the Municipality of Sorrento and the Sorrento Foundation, on the theme "Environment, culture and tourism", which will be held on Saturday 24 October, at 10.30, at the Municipal Palace of Sorrento.

PMI . The seven rules for selling abroad, even at the time of Covid-19

A first and concrete answer, for PMI, is offered by a precious guide book, entitled "The seven rules for selling abroad, even at the time of Covid-19", which, before being a small marketing handbook, represents a trip. A journey made up of many trips, many experiences, so much study, so much work. A journey of a thousand miles which, in the words of the ancient Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu, was undertaken by the author, Luca Bargilli, starting with small steps.

Unimpresa recommends following the Anglo-Saxon model for tax reform

In relation to the tax reform hypotheses, Unimpresa hopes that the Anglo-Saxon tax system will be taken as an example: a simple, short and extremely linear system that leaves no room for doubt for the interpretation of the taxpayer

GDP: Unimpresa: with 20 years without Italy’s GDP industrial policy below 2000 levels

Secretary General Lauro: "Effects of the pandemic plus structural deficiencies in the country"

2000/2020: Twenty years without an Industrial Policy

The Italian economy and society are desperately trying to get out of the darkest period since the end of the Second World War. The national production this year is experiencing an unprecedented decline, estimated at -12%, and next year it is only expected to recover a fraction of what was lost

Draghi’s lesson: a political manifesto for our Country

Mario Draghi's speech in Rimini is not only acceptable, but represents a historical passage, a prospect of an exit from the crisis, including a moral one, in which we are bogged down and at the same time a lesson in institutional rigor, made up of intellectual lucidity, of government planning, of protection of democratic freedoms, of love for one's country and, last but not least, indeed first of all, of safeguarding the future of the new generations

The Calm Before The (Perfect?) Storm

Trust – a magic word that can positively or negatively affect the economic cycles, having become even more strategic to leave the tunnel of depression, and not just the economic and industrial one