Dolce Vita

My Best Cakes, a Competition for Amateur Pastry Chefs

MY BEST CAKES is a competition for amateur pastry chefs who want to challenge each other with cream, chocolate and elaborate decorations

Copenhagen Fashion Week confirms the fashion shows from 4 to 7 August

The best thing we can do in this moment of uncertainty is to understand how to create the best conditions in terms of sales, business and public relations. We are all ready to adapt to circumstances to offer the industry the support, visibility and drive it needs now

Even in the world of wine and spirits it is time for reconversion

Ramazzotti (Pernod Ricard group) also adapted to the trend and converted the production of its Canelli distillery (Asti), obtaining a disinfectant solution that was distributed and donated to Cri, Civil Protection, Fire Brigade, Municipality of Canelli and to Pernod Ricard Italia employees and suppliers

Davide Campagna: cooking or fitness, what passion came first?

Davide Campagna, a professional dentist from Bologna, Italy, started sharing his passion for healthy food and fitness on social media, and soon became a web star: his blog counts over 7 thousand contacts per month, and his Instagram page soon reached more than 200 thousand followers

Pinko at the Shanghai Fashion Week

A virtual edition for the Week, following the agreement between the Shanghai Fashion Week and Tmall, from the Alibaba Group, in order to reach a global audience of enthusiasts rather than just professionals, with 150 Chinese and international brands on schedule including Diane Von Furstenberg

Excellence Fashion Diaries: Calicanto Luxury Bags, the thin line between fashion and architecture

There are imaginative objects that we like because they are not just beautiful, but also intriguing, irresistible icons as alluring as art pieces. Il lato oscuro del design, a book by Dario Russo, focuses on objects paradoxically considered as design when in fact they do not serve their real purpose in daily life, but simply show an esthetic, elite nature. To name one, Philippe Starck’s lemon squeezer, a cult object that is a status symbol for the owners, and the fulfillment of their desires

Excellence Fashion Pills: Alberta Ferretti, Fred Perry x Raf Simons and Michael Kors

We are happy to announce our new Excellence Fashion Pills column – what is new in fashion, all packed in one piece. From Alberta Ferretti’s green collection to the Raf Simons x Fred Perry sporty luxury collaboration and Michael Kors’s global optimism, here is what springs has in store

Luxury and fast fashion together to face the Covid-19 emergency

From luxury to fast fashion, companies are not watching and are mobilizing to face Covid-19 and help make up for the lack of masks and medical devices

The new technologies will support the Tokyo and Shanghai Fashion Weeks

Scheduled from March 16th to 21st, Tokyo's Rakuten fashion week was at risk of cancellation due to the health emergency, but the organizers preferred to give space to creativity via the web, enhancing the commitment of the various fashion houses. The Japan fashion week organization, the body that promotes the event, has launched streaming through which it is possible to follow the autumn-winter 2020/2021 collections of the brands that have joined

The traditional banister houses turn into stages where people sing and feel less lonely. Today are you “Mr Volare”?

For a few days now in Milan, noon and 6pm have been the time for applauding, toasting from window to window, playing ‘music’ on pots and pans, or collectively singing Nel Blu dipinto di Blu, the song that the world knows as Volare, winner of two Grammys and performed by artists like Barry White, David Bowie, Andrea Bocelli, Frank Sinatra, Frank Zappa, Gipsy King, Dean Martin, and Pavarotti