My Best Cakes, a Competition for Amateur Pastry Chefs

MY BEST CAKES is a competition for amateur pastry chefs who want to challenge each other with cream, chocolate and elaborate decorations

Even in the world of wine and spirits it is time for reconversion

Ramazzotti (Pernod Ricard group) also adapted to the trend and converted the production of its Canelli distillery (Asti), obtaining a disinfectant solution that was distributed and donated to Cri, Civil Protection, Fire Brigade, Municipality of Canelli and to Pernod Ricard Italia employees and suppliers

The traditional banister houses turn into stages where people sing and feel less lonely. Today are you “Mr Volare”?

For a few days now in Milan, noon and 6pm have been the time for applauding, toasting from window to window, playing ‘music’ on pots and pans, or collectively singing Nel Blu dipinto di Blu, the song that the world knows as Volare, winner of two Grammys and performed by artists like Barry White, David Bowie, Andrea Bocelli, Frank Sinatra, Frank Zappa, Gipsy King, Dean Martin, and Pavarotti

“Mysterious Tango”: milonga with Roberto Herrera at Teatro Franco Parenti

The poetry of Tango and the charm of costumes will be meeting Saturday, February 23 at 9.30pm at Teatro Franco Parenti in Milan, where the playful passion and craziness of Carnival will go on stage with the Herrera Tango Academy

Divinatione, at the Milano Fashion Library

It will start tomorrow in the iconic location that houses the Milan Fashion Library, a documentation center that collects over 70,000 titles including national, international magazines, books, trend notebooks, lookbooks from the past to the contemporary, DVD/CD, the Divinatione event, promoted by Pietro Paradiso who oversaw the Artistic Direction

Valentine’s Day at THE VIEW Lugano

At THE VIEW Lugano, the celebration of Valentine's Day 2020 combines the expressive art of the Ticino artist Serena Maisto with the more exquisitely gastronomic one of the executive chef Mauro Grandi

Snow Polo World Cup St. Moritz 2020

The by-line of St. Moritz is ‘Top of the World’ and sitting in the packed grandstands for the Finals today it does truly feel like there is no place better to be anywhere on the globe. Record crowds have descended upon the iconic frozen lake, set in the beautiful, sun-bathed setting of the Engadin Valley, to watch the snow polo giants do battle. The sunshine is super-hot, the champagne ice chilled, the setting unbeatable and the polo is truly world-class

Fashion Trust Arabia here are the jury members of the FTA Awards 2020

Fashion Trust Arabia (FTA) the charity organization that supports emerging talents from the MENA region - that is, including the Middle East and North Africa - has just announced the new jury for the second edition of the FTA Awards 2020

Fashion takes action for Australia

Several awareness and fundraising campaigns have been launched to help Australia, facing lost lives, millions of acres gone up in smoke and – according to WWF – over one billion perished animals due to the devastating bushfires that have been ravaging the country

SeaKeepers Fundraises to support 2020 research

SeaKeepers looks back on a banner year for programming with 15 scientist-led expeditions; 20 citizen science trips; 16 educational outreach events; and 27 community engagement events organized with school groups and youth organizations in the United States and Singapore