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Monaco Superstar

In 1969 Heuer launched the "Monaco" watch, which immediately became a timeless icon for its design and its technology. After fifty years, Tag Heuer celebrates it with an event and a book titled "Paradoxical superstar"

Unique & Luxury Watches For Women

A woman with a luxury lifestyle emphasizes her own unique style statement, personality, and empowerment through modern jewelry pieces and luxury watches. Featuring the best of fine craftsmanship, exclusive design and high-quality, if you are looking for luxury gifts, we suggest to you a selection of striking luxury watches.

Suggestions for exclusive design gifts for the holiday season!

The holiday season is well on its way, and yet it seems that there’s never enough time to complete your wishlist

Luxury Gifts: Dandy Style Pieces

A selection of sumptuous Luxury Gifts, offering an uncommon and elegant design. Each one represents the essence of empowerment and sophistication for ultra-high-net-worth individuals with the refined tastes. The distinct design and renowned experience are the pillars of this treasurable Collection, distinguished by bringing the internal value of a safe to the outside

Chanel’s New High Jewelry Collection Inspired by Russia’s Empire

“Le Paris Russe de Chanel” is the Chanel’s latest exclusive high jewelry collection that was inspired by Russia’s Imperial Past and quotes fashion on the imperial exotic a-la russe of the early twentieth century

Fundamentals to Choosing a Luxury Watch

Choosing the right luxury watch is no easy task. With a huge range of fantastic models from prestigious brands across the world, it can be difficult to know where to start. That’s why we’ve put together the five key things you should consider when buying a luxury watch – so you invest in the perfect timepiece

Wedding rings: how they became the symbol of marriage

It’s a well-known tradition that rings are exchanged during wedding ceremonies to solidify the newlywed’s commitment to one another. While many simply accept this as ‘the thing to do’ they are actually unaware of the reasoning behind it and the significance of the rings

Sberlüsc/Sparkling: Francesca Mo at the Subert Gallery, Milan

Inaugurated November 6, Francesca Mo’s “Sberlüsc/Sparkling” exhibition at the Subert Gallery in Milan – with the first word being the Milanese dialect for “sparkling” – is a tribute to the designer and architect’s hometown, but also a direct hint at the sparkling stones set on the jewels

Astronomia Tourbillon Clarity Octopus, a truly unique design by Jacob & Co

Renowned for its creative, revolutionary timepieces, Jacob & Co. has always stood out from the crowd for the customized mechanisms and lines of its innovative, often extravagant designs. One of Jacob & Co.’s most recent creations is the Astronomia Tourbillon Clarity Octopus, a truly unique design that real connoisseurs will appreciate and love.

The most popular luxury watches in 2019

Few other accessories can tell as much about the wearer as a watch. From sporty, ultra-technological models to classic styles, high-end watches are a true investment for anyone willing to indulge in the luxury of wearing a small art piece at the wrist, out of pure passion or mere necessity