Giada arrives in the China World Hotel in Beijing

Giada arrives in the China World Hotel in Beijing with a mega multifunctional space dedicated to the luxury experience, from fashion to fine food

Art emerges from the lockdown: Gilbert & George’s provocations in Locarno

Gilbert & George.The Locarno Exhibition, curated by the same authors and Rudy Chiappini, is open until 18 October in the Casa Rusca museum in the Swiss city. 60 impressive and disruptive canvases, divided into five groups, review the works created between 2008 and 2016, including Beard Pictures, where Gilbert & George are depicted with the face and body of a bright red, shaded and inscrutable eyes, surrounded by barbed wire fences, often in front of a black background that evokes emptiness.

Art in the time of the pandemic. The retrospective dedicated to Edward Hopper, underway in Basel

Art in the time of the pandemic. The retrospective dedicated to Edward Hopper, underway in Basel, Switzerland, is a good example of how artistic fruition changes due to the measures of prevention of infection

Bob Krieger, greetings to the Maestro

Tireless and passionate, linked to the history of Italian fashion, Bob Krieger has interpreted a particular and always recognizable idea of ​​portrait and has represented Italian Style in the world, especially in the period from the sixties to the nineties

Design Disinfectants

It’s so-called “Bialcol” – or rather, its bottle, originally designed by Alfonso Grassi and Gruppo MID for Novartis, and winner of a Compasso d’Oro industrial design award in 1985. The packaging of Bialcol clearly shows how everyday objects have their own stories, though often unknown to many, involving unique anecdotes and designers whose view of the world has changed the consumers’ behaviors for the better

Reluctant to set the alarm during quarantine? Taking photos is a good reason to.

Way beyond a photography workshop, “Dalle 8 alle 8” (“From 8 to 8”) is a lifeline for your mind Laura Davì is a professional journalist and photo editor. In this period of uncertainty, Laura started a workshop based on strict rules to help you set the pace of your days: take a photo on the stroke of every hour, no matter where you are or what you are doing. Lots of people are participating, teenagers and adults, professional photographers and amateurs intrigued by the project, even in groups

Autoprogettazione, a new project to create an artwork that can be reproduced at home

Oltre settanta artisti e un’idea semplice quanto efficace: creare un’opera d’arte che sia riproducibile da tutti nelle proprie case

Dining at a Designer’s Zhu Xiaojie

Zhu Xiaojie showcases his creations at the Xiaolou Art Space. Built for an immersive experience, his studio sits in the most intriguing arts and culture district of Shanghai

New Challenges and Innovative Business Models for Contemporary Art

We had a chat with Francesco Badia, author of monographs and features for Italian and international magazines, professor of Cultural Economics and Management at the University of Ferrara, and an expert in the management of cultural systems

The Year Without A Winter

Founded by Matteo Hoffman and Francesca Giuliani in 2013, Blank Space is a platform where to experiment, with architecture playing an unprecedented role. Alongside Blank Space, Fairy Tales 2020 was launched too, a fictitious architecture contest running for the 7th edition this year