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Brafa 2020 The Fair of a Thousand Temptations

With the regularity of a fine watch-making mechanism, Brafa returns mid-winter with the aim of combining the best of the art on offer in Brussels. The 133 Belgian and international galleries gathered on the site of Tour & Taxis from 26 January to 2 February compete with a thousand temptations to warm the hearts of all art lovers and to arouse the keen interest of the most discerning collectors. The beautiful, the rare and the exceptional blend harmoniously, eliciting cravings, passion or impulse purchases, while paying tribute to creativity from the earliest times to the present day

Made in Italy by Enrico Robusti is the best painting of 2019

The painter from Parma wins the 6th edition of the Eccellenti Pittori-Brazzale award

Wonderful things

Tilda Swinton, Grace jones, Karen Eson and Grayson Perry feature in largest-ever exhibition on photographer Tim Walker – with over 150 new works inspired by the V&A's collection

Buenos Aires pays tribute to Norah Borges with two hundred works, rare volumes and pictures

It is titled Norah Borges. Una mujer en la vanguardia, it will be on until March 2020 at the Museo de Bellas Artes in Buenos Aires and there is something more to it than a mere anthological exhibition on a peculiar artist: these two hundred works, patiently collected by curator Sergio Baur and showcased alongside pictures, rare volumes and quotes, also hint at the cultural history of a city, at the ties between “two shores” that share the same language, but have an ocean and long-standing hatred keeping them apart

Teatro alla Scala: the museum unveils its treasures

For a century, the museum at Teatro alla Scala in Milan has treasured a vast, rich collection of artworks, ancient musical instruments, china pieces, paintings, busts and prints that tell the history of performing arts over the last three hundred years

Not-to-miss art in 2020: highlights from around the world

The epitome of symmetry, aesthetics and balance in itself, 2020 is gearing up for a series of back-to-back shows resonating with echoes from the past and celebrating new, forward-looking forms of art

Raffaele Lauro: the new narratives of 2020 in an interview without a net

A new year to come. The new narratives of 2020 in an interview without a net with Raffaele Lauro

Canova-Thorvaldsen. La nascita della scultura moderna

Featuring important, beautiful pieces of great scientific value, the exhibition "Canova-Thorvaldsen. La nascita della scultura moderna" (“Canova-Thorvaldsen. The birth of modern sculpture”) is an extraordinary opportunity to discover sculpture between the 18th and 19th century

BRAFA 2020: a charity auction to celebrate the 65th Art Fair

The 65th BRAFA art fair, which will take place from 26 January until 2 February 2020, will be celebrated in a highly original manner with the exclusive exhibition and sale of five segments of the Berlin Wall. The proceeds from the sale will be split among five beneficiaries (associations and museums) in the areas of cancer research, the social integration of people with disabilities and the preservation of art heritage

From Chanel to Gaultier, fashion explores the dance world

A century ago now, Chanel was the first brand to approach dance and revolutionize the Russian ballet. Ever since, the greatest designers have regularly peeked into the ‘laboratory’ of dance to explore bodies and draw inspiration from the world of motion