Art & Design

Daniele Bongiovanni. Epoch at The Wall Space Gallery, Falkirk, Scotland

The solo show of Italian painter Daniele Bongiovanni, curated by esteemed curator and art critic Giosuè Allegrini and Intermedia curator-gallerist Ayshia Taskin, premieres at The Wall Space Gallery on June 5th

Autoprogettazione, a new project to create an artwork that can be reproduced at home

Oltre settanta artisti e un’idea semplice quanto efficace: creare un’opera d’arte che sia riproducibile da tutti nelle proprie case

Dining at a Designer’s Zhu Xiaojie

Zhu Xiaojie showcases his creations at the Xiaolou Art Space. Built for an immersive experience, his studio sits in the most intriguing arts and culture district of Shanghai

The Year Without A Winter

Founded by Matteo Hoffman and Francesca Giuliani in 2013, Blank Space is a platform where to experiment, with architecture playing an unprecedented role. Alongside Blank Space, Fairy Tales 2020 was launched too, a fictitious architecture contest running for the 7th edition this year

Artsy and Luxury Furniture by Fornasetti

Piero Fornasetti was an extraordinary visionary and prolific designer, painter, sculptor, and engraver, creating approximately 13,000 objects and decorations throughout his life. His whimsical motifs—the sun, moon, and stars, animals, surrealist images—adorn furniture, interiors, scarves, and everyday objects like ashtrays, trash cans, and umbrella stands

Carola Guaineri: homage to Milan and its battle

March 2020. Milan is in lockdown to stop the infection with Coronavirus. He lives his battle. Carola Guaineri enters her dark room, where darkness is a friend and images emerge silently in the development trays. A rough desert englobes the Cathedral. Milan today lives among its dunes. Crowded spaces and empty spaces, choirs in the distance and a close silence. People who disappear and souls waiting to re-live

Sixty years after his death, pictures of architectures by Adriano Olivetti are Compasso d’Oro nominees

The pictures will be on display until April 13 at the Museo della Grafica in Pisa, within the exhibition “OLIVETTI@TOSCANA.IT. Territorio, Comunità, Architettura nella Toscana di Olivetti.” When in 1954 Adriano Olivetti asked architects from the B.B.P.R. studio to design a shop at 584 5th Avenue, a combination of iconic...

Art galleries in Milan celebrate their first century: Where and How to visit Exhibitions during the coronavirus outbreak

Exactly 100 years ago, art galleries in Milan started shaping the image of a city globally renowned as an art hub. Revolutionary Futurism had already found fertile ground in a modern Milan. Yet, artists like Balla, Severini and Sironi, and later on Medardo Rosso, Carrà, Campigli, Casorati, de Chirico, de Pisis, Fontana, Guttuso and Kandinskij were now being hosted by emerging private galleries, extraordinary spaces where to plan and reflect about all the forms and aspects of art

Toyin Ojih Odutola, A Countervailing Theory

The first-ever UK exhibition by Nigerian-American artist Toyin Ojih Odutola, this epic cycle of new work will explore an imagined ancient myth, with an immersive soundscape by artist Peter Adjaye

The Metropolitan Museum in New York is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year

The Metropolitan Museum in New York is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year. In the context of the celebrations of the important anniversary, an interesting project was launched to disseminate the video materials kept in the archive of the US institution