Luxury Finance

A roaring week for luxury stocks

Last week was probably the best so far in 2019 for luxury stocks. It can be seen from our billboard how only on stock in our group managed to record a loss for the past 5 days of trading. More often than not the rest of the bunch clinched...

A week of intense recovery

The previous week was for luxury stocks, and markets as whole, marked by an extremely intense recovery set off by the 2 most important Central Banks in the Western hemisphere: the Federal Reserve and the ECB

A week of generalised negativity

The past 5 days were, for want of a better expression, quite bad for luxury stocks. The new chapter of the US vs China saga led to a disastrous inception of the week last Monday, followed by a partial recovery

Volatility and uncertainty set the tone for the market

Last week was for equity markets marred once again by a high level of volatility, with luxury stocks being no exception. The previous Monday could basically be best characterized as a disastrous trading session, fortunately it was followed by a noticeable recovery which paved the way for additional weakness on Friday

A painful relity check

Last week was quite challenging, if not downright disastrous, for luxury stocks. In our chart it can be seen how  only 3 out of 20 stocks managed to close in the green for the week. Obviously the new round of the trade war involving the US and China, where tariffs have been hiked from 10% to 25% on 200 billions of Chinese goods, was the dominant theme

Waiting for more signals

After Easter break we once again turn our attention to of luxury stocks. The previous two weeks turned out a touch more volatile, as a matter of fact the 5 days preceding Easter Sunday were overall positive while the following 5 sessions saw a slight decline in luxury stocks prices

Luxury stocks are great but expensive

The first week of April turned out to be basically a carbon copy of the previous one, if anything with maybe even slightly more positive features. Again in our basket of 20 stocks only 3 saw a weekly decline. Since the end of 2018 only 2 are now trading in negative territory

A great week and an uncertain future

Luxury companies were riding high on a wave of general improvement among developed equity markets, a recovery though that was particularly impressive in China

The most negative week for the luxuy sector in 2019

The previous week marked probably the most negative for the luxuy sector in 2019. This segment of the market was significantly impacted by the return of the  fears surrounding the global economy. Triggering the sell-off on Friday 22nd  (Monday 25thin Asia) were worse than expected European data particularly in France and Germany

A diverging luxury sector

Generally speaking the last week was positive for luxury stocks, albeit with some notable exceptions we will talk about in a bit. What has happened in the past  few days almost seems like  a text-book case of the scenario we outlined in the recent week. As we have mentioned the majority of luxury stocks scored gains well above the general benchmark of their own domestic markets, which is to be expected during risk-on phases