Luxury & Sustainability

Mercedes-Benz partners with Fashion Open Studio for sustainable luxury

A new partnership for Mercedes-Benz as it teams up with British non-profit organization Fashion Open Studio (FOS), fighting for a more sustainable luxury to support the next generation of design talents

Valentino: enough alpaca wool. A new step towards ethics and sustainability

Quando si parla di moda sostenibile è impossibile non parlare di Valentino che ha dimostrato in questi ultimi anni una grande sensibilità nei confronti di etica applicata al settore fashion con un'attenzione particolare nei confronti degli animali

Beyond Tesla: the top three luxury electric cars

Elion Musk has written history with his Tesla, but many more automotive luxury brands are now turning to electric cars

Gucci’s sustainable revolution

Thinking of Gucci, one cannot but picture stunning, quirky, original pieces, which flaunted items like kangaroo fur-lined loafers until not long ago

Half of the Great Barrier Reef wiped out in the past 25 years

Researchers from the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies in Queensland have found that more than half of Australia's Great Barrier Reef has been wiped out since 1995.

The Philosophy and Moral of Sustainability: a one-way momentous turning point

The consequential, revolutionary changes that have marked the history of mankind from the beginning of modern age until the third millennium, over about five centuries, have always arisen slowly, almost unnoticed from contemporaries

A new standard in luxury holidays: floating sustainable suites

Five-star hotels? Luxury suites? No more: the new standard in luxury holidays is Anthénea, a real  “floating” suite designed by a French studio, promising an all-new relaxation experience

Dior and Burberry: from fighting deforestation to zero emissions, all through fashion shows

The last fashion shows as we have always known them, before lockdown revolutionized all our habits, were the presentations of the 2020 SS collections

The Fashion Industry and the Need for Sustainability

The first data shown describes the situation as it is: the fashion industry is currently responsible for 4% of all global greenhouse gas emissions, which equals the overall emissions of France, Germany, and the United Kingdom’s economies together