Sergio Brizzo: Clarity of Mind, Resolve, and a lot of Energy to face the Covid-19 emergency

Clarity of mind, resolve, and a lot of energy. Watching out for emerging technologies bound to have a significant impact on users. Once this moment is over, we will surely remember a lot from it, and many of our habits and customs will change. Meanwhile, we have a duty to look for new solutions to rebuild the economy in the future

Training is an important pivot for providing innovative

Training is an important pivot for providing innovative, essential tools in a territory such as that of Veneto where 92% of companies are under 9 employees and entrepreneurs have a fundamental role in developing new and competitive strategies

Italian Hospitality in the Maldives

Interview with Guido Polito, CEO of Baglioni Hotels, to learn about the hospitality style of the group’s new resort in the Maldivian archipelago

Chef Bruno Ferrari’s experience in Shanghai during the Coronavirus emergency

A few months ago, we had a chance to interview chef Bruno Ferrari about his long experience in China. We are now back with him for a first-hand account of the ongoing Coronavirus emergency

Interview with Marco Caldana, founder of the FARAD Group

I was born in Italy, in Liguria, and then moved to Luxembourg, where in 2001 I founded the first company in the FARAD Group. Ever since, all the choices I have made and the directions I have taken to broaden our services – insurance broking, asset management, investment funds – and extend our business to several key European markets have been successful

Lali Panchulidze: luxury is a research for the perfection of things

Luxury should be considered not just in simple financial terms, but for the right philosophical, aesthetical and symbolic value it has – as excellence, as mankind’s search for the perfection of things

Francesca Dell’Oro Parfum

Translate emotions in unique and valuable perfumes, to tell and share unforgettable stories through her olfactory creations: this is the mission of Francesca Dell’Oro, founder of the eponymous brand established in 2011

Interview with Mr. Mohamed Ghannem: education and sport value to support young people

Interview with Mr. Mohamed Ghannem, Specialized lawyer in Public International Law and Political Sciences and President of the Tunisian Taekwondo Federation.

Interview with Andrea Cafà from FonARCom

FonARCom is the second-ranking fund in Italy for professional training. We met the CEO Andrea Cafà, whose work is key to support Italian businesses.

Vector Wealth Management: we meet Alessandro Beggio

Our company is a niche multifamily office that has always aspired to offer excellent, high-quality services. Our strengths are an obsessive care for the client and an extreme customization level, with the latter being harder and harder to find in a world that standardizes and stiffens more and more.