Paola Marella, Elegance in Balance

Bicolor hair, a multi-colored soul. Paola Marella’s use of color would likely clash with visionary Wim Wenders’, who notoriously said: “Life is in color, but black and white is more realistic"

The Fashion Experience and Strategic Design

Together with Erika, we will take our readers to the discovery of strategic design, and particularly of the relationship between this little-known yet important field with the world of luxury, eagerly waiting for recovery

The role of communication during the Coronavirus emergency

The role of communication during the Coronavirus emergency

Riccardo Maria Monti CEO of Triboo

A new interview with Anita Lo Mastro, who in the splendid setting of the Hotel Regina Baglioni in Rome, meets Riccardo Maria Monti, a character of excellence already known to us as President of the ICE and Italfer, today CEO of the company for Triboo shares, which mainly deals with digital

Clara Bona, the Architect of Mix&Match and Colors

Clara Bona, the Architect of Mix&Match and Colors. I am an architect and a journalist, and I have always been both at the same time

Ing. Pietro Piccinetti: Fiera Roma, a structure that generates value

Interview with the General Manager and CEO of Fiera Roma, Ing. Pietro Piccinetti

Anita Lo Mastro meets Mr. Roscioli President of Federalberghi Roma

Interview with Giuseppe Roscioli National Vice-President of Federalberghi and President of Federalberghi Roma

Cinzia Catalfamo Akbaraly, a woman for Madagascar

Cinzia Catalfamo was born and raised in Milan, Italy, where she graduated from the Bocconi University with a degree in Economics. She later moved to Madagascar, where she created the Akbaraly Foundation, a humanitarian organization that works to improve living conditions in the country, focusing especially on the health and well-being of women and children, and developed the 4aWoman project, the first integrated healthcare program dedicated to cancer prevention in sub-Saharan Africa

Influencer Simona Bertolotto @sissiottostyle: sober elegance with a vintage twist

Over 45, more than 100,000 followers – pardon, a mostly female parterre aged 35 and more looking for some style inspiration, Simona is a woman that women like. And there is a simple reason for it: this is how she appears in the countless outfits that make up a gallery free from studied settings or strategies

Raffaele Lauro: ideas and projects to support the Italian tourism industry

Tour operators, travel companies and event promoters are taking the industry lead, and appealing to institutions, to anyone living off tourism, and to all Italians through their Manifesto del Turismo Italiano (Manifesto of the Italian Tourism).