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Gallery Weekend, art destinations for a weekend at the end of summer

A magnificent September of art under the banner of gallery weekends, unmissable appointments for fans of contemporary art. Perfect opportunity for a last trip waiting for a new season of exhibitions

One More Time For Britney Spears Home

The Old World vibe of the Italianate villa-style home is still warm and inviting, and from the look of its upbeat modern interior, seems to have improved with a few years of maturity

GDP: Unimpresa: with 20 years without Italy’s GDP industrial policy below 2000 levels

Secretary General Lauro: "Effects of the pandemic plus structural deficiencies in the country"

Fashion Week: here is the international calendar

Here is the international panorama of the Fashion Weeks, where you can find the names of all the stylists present and the indications on the choice of organizing physical fashion shows or digital presentations.

Mediterranean Décor House, A Memorable Creation By Pepe Leal

For Pepe Leal, interior design is all about “the solution” to a space, and how you choose to solve it, is exactly what distinguishes different decorators

2000/2020: Twenty years without an Industrial Policy

The Italian economy and society are desperately trying to get out of the darkest period since the end of the Second World War. The national production this year is experiencing an unprecedented decline, estimated at -12%, and next year it is only expected to recover a fraction of what was lost

J-Lo & A-Rod’s New Florida Home

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have been together since 2017, each with a love of real estate they have been collecting houses almost as often as Rodriguez collected base hits during his MLB career

Chanel strengthens its supply chain in leather with the purchase of Conceria Gaiera Giovanni

Chanel strengthens its supply chain in leather with the purchase of another Italian tannery

Moncler Genius presents the 2020 Craig Green collection

Craig Green focused on the concepts of transparency, safety and protection, developing bold and functional forms and studying new methods to take simplicity to its extreme

Jin Gui Restaurant in Hamburg: A Modern Design by Joyce Wang

From unique hotels to modern restaurants, Joyce Wang creates breathtaking and wonderful spaces that teleport all the design-lovers to a different time period, or to a peaceful oasis